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Lanzhou University Second Hospital Calls for More Material Help to Deal with Virus

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus , medical staff of the Lanzhou University Second Hospital have taken the responsibility to fight against the virus and protect people's health.

In order to treat patients better ,a charity donation announcement is now issued,calling for urgently-required and qualified medical materials.We sincerely hope that all circles of society will make generous donations in support .

List of protective materials(consumables):

The N95 masks, surgical protective masks,disposable medical masks, medical protective clothing,surgical clothing,goggles,anti-impact eye masks,protective face  masks and anti-pollution shoe cover.

Some protective materials(consumables) should meet or exceed the following national standards:

Technical requirements for medical protective masks(GB 19083-2010)

Technical requirements for medical surgical masks(YY 0469-2011)

Technical requirements for disposable medical protective clothing(GB 19082-2009)

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