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      The Second Clinical Medical College is a second-level institution of Lanzhou University, which is integrated with Lanzhou University Second Hospital to jointly cultivate medical talents. It has a total of 1867 undergraduates, 699 postgraduates and doctor candidates. There is a complete talents cultivation system with a clinical medicine first-level discipline authorized to confer doctoral degree and a professional Ph.D degree authorization category of clinical medicine in the hospital, including 6 directions. Meanwhile, there are a clinical medicine first-level discipline authorized to confer master’s degree including 14 directions, a professional master degree authorization category including 15 directions, and 4 undergraduate disciplines---clinical medicine, medical laboratory, medical imageology and anesthesiology. With long teaching history, the college has always attaches great importance to the training and practicing of students' comprehensive ability. It initiates sequential training mode, namely by “pre-internship---volunteers---doctor’s assistant”, to provide more opportunities for students to achieve clinical experience earlier. The mode from the need of students improves medical students’ ability to solve actual problems, and helps them to be well prepared for future clinical internship and practice.