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About Us


Proximately to the White Dagoba Mountain on the bank of the Yellow River lies a hospital renown far and near - Lanzhou University Second Hospital. Lanzhou University Second Hospital was found in 1928. The hospital was granted the title of Class A Grade 3 Hospital. Thanks to the efforts of several generations, the hospital has grown into an innovative modern hospital integrating medical care, teaching and research in the past four score and four years.


The hospital is located on the foot of White Dagoba Mountain and the bank of the Yellow River, and situated on Cui Ying Men Street, within downtown of Lanzhou, having transport facilities. Zhigong Hall, the exam hall in Qing Dynasty in the hospital, is the site of the former Lanzhou University.



Founded in 1928, Lanzhou Zhongshan Hospital was established. It was the prototype of today’s hospital. In 1932, the Attached Zhong Hospital of Gansu College was founded. One medical case record in 1933 reveals that there were more than 605 cases within one month at that time. Later in 1935, it was initially named Gansu Provincial Lanzhou Hospital by a government decree. It was renamed the Attached Hospital of National Lanzhou University in 1948. Until 1949, the name of the hospital changed into the attached hospital of Lanzhou University Medical College. It became independent on January 26, 1959 and was affiliated with Lanzhou University on November 18, 2004.


Hospital Today

Lanzhou University Second Hospital has a complete installation of disciplines with special features. It accommodates 2,166 medical beds, 34 clinical medical treatment centers, more than 80 clinical departments, 67 nursing units. In 2011, the number amounted to 800,000 outpatient and 40,000 emergency cases, 52,200 inpatients and 20,000 operations.

Talent echelon

The 84-year Lanzhou University Second Hospital is a medical talent galaxy. Among 3,600 full time staff members are a great number of experts and scholars reputed at home and abroad, including 13 tutors of doctorate candidates, 13 holders of special government allowances from China’s State Council, 2 experts with prominent contributions selected by China’s Ministry of Public Health, 7 with top-ranked professionals in Gansu province, 28 staff recognized as Leading Talents in Gansu Province and 43 as academic and technological leaders in Gansu Province are authorized by the Provincial Bureau of Public Health. The number of PhD’s and Medical Masters are nearly 500, moreover, more than 400 undergraduates in the hospital.



Lanzhou University Second Hospital enjoys a reputation of complete disciplines and high-leveled general diagnosis and treatment. The hospital boasts 4 National Clinical Key Disciplines, including Orthopedics Department Neurosurgery Department,Urinary Surgery Department,General Surgery Department. With the first rate comprehensive strength, Hepathopancreatobiliary Surgery Department, Orthopedics Department, The hospital first aid medical professional, Neurology Department, Digestive Endoscopy Center,Nephrology Department, Neurology Department, ENT Department, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesiology Department, Dermatology Department are Provincial Key Disciplines. Three laboratories are designated the Provincial Key laboratories, including Key Laboratory of Digestive System tumor Gansu Province、Orthopedics Key Laboratory of Gansu Province, Key Laboratory of Diseases of the Urinary System Gansu Province. 2 Provincial Clinical Medical Centers, including Clinical Center of Diseases of the Urinary System Gansu Province, The Eye Center of Gansu Province .There are 13 National Training Bases in the hospital. They are



As a teaching hospital of Lanzhou University, it has, through the construction of disciplines, established a perfect platform for upgrading of the standard of education and scientific research. The hospital now has 13 tutors of the training doctor degree students, 109 tutors of the training master degree students. Up till now, 1000 university graduates, over 500 masters, 5 post doctor and more than 400 undergraduates.


Research and Equipment

For scientific research, the hospital has been among the leading position in Gansu province. The hospital boasts a number of research institutions and medical centers, including 3 Provincial Key Laboratories: Key Laboratory of Digestive System tumor Gansu Province、Orthopedics Key Laboratory of Gansu Province, Key Laboratory of Diseases of the Urinary System Gansu Province. Patients are provided with high quality services with the sophisticated medical equipment and instruments. The hospital has advanced medical equipment, including ECT, DSA , 3.0T NMR, 64 Slice GT, Rotary y Knife, digital Gastrointestinal Radiograph, Full automatic biochemical analyzing Instrument, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, microscope, CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy), laryngoscope, medical ventilator, ultrasound scan, 3D Color Doppler, HD machine large hyperbaric chamber, Microscope for operation, thoracoscope, Laparoscope, Hysteroscope, Nasal Endoscope, Arthroscope and other large equipment and a variety of testing, monitoring, imaging diagnostic facilities ensuring the high quality of diagnosis and treatment..


International Cooperation

More than 100 health care professionals are encouraged to go outside to hone their skills and keep abreast of the latest advancements in all aspects of medicine. Meanwhile, we establish long-term co-operation and relationship with McGill University, Singapore International Management Academy, Mie University, Oklahoma State University. Agreements for medical teaching and research cooperation have been signed successively with over 20 well-known universities and hospitals in the countries of USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Israel, Australia, Norway, and Sweden.

Our hospital has concluded the Friendship Hospital agreements with State of Florida , Texas, and Oklahoma Universities Hospitals .Canadian McGill University Medical Center , Australian Sydney University Hospital of and Japanese Akita Hospital. 134 specialized personnel have successfully studied and trained abroad. There are from the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, Israel, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India and other countries of the visiting professor of 124 bits.


Social Public Welfare and Charities

Lanzhou University Second Hospital always puts the public interest in the first place. We persist the service discipline, “serving for people” through every piece of our work. May 2012, ORBIS cooperated with our hospital to provide free quality eye operations for 80 patients in Gansu province. Meanwhile, over hundreds physicians received training by ORBIS. In 2011, the hospital organized several volunteers to hold charity consultation for citizens. In 2010, according to a program called Poor Families with Congenital Heart Disease Medical Relief Activities, the hospital serves as The Gansu Province Hearing Disorder Treatment Center to heal the disable newborn babies.


We are ready to serve you at heart and soul. It is our goal to jointly establish a world of love and health with you!