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The International Ophthalmology Conference of Chinese Foundation for Lifeline Express & Lanzhou University Second Hospital

From October 21st to 23rd, on invitation of Lanzhou University Second Hospital, the experts of Chinese Foundation for Lifeline Express, Dr. Richard Lee from Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, U.S. and Dr. Antony Richard Evans from Plymouth Eye Hospital, U.K, attended the International Ophthalmology Conference of Chinese Foundation for Lifeline Express & Lanzhou University Second Hospital, which was hosted by Lanzhou University Second Hospital in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China.

At the opening ceremony, President of Lanzhou University Second Hospital, Dr. Chen Wang addressed a speech to welcome our foreign professors and participants and gave an introduction of our hospital to the foreign guests. He attached importance to the work of Ophthalmology Department, as well as his appreciation to the support by Lifeline Express to our hospital. Vice President, Dr. Wenfang Zhang said that Ophthalmology Department of our hospital would strengthen the academic exchanges with Chinese Foundation of Lifeline Express in the future. Lanzhou University Second Hospital, as Gansu provincial training center, would play radiating and exemplary role in the western China.

During the conference, Dr. Richard Lee and Dr. Antony Richard Evans gave lectures on glaucoma, cataract, children's strabismus, pediatric eye trauma, American & English ophthalmology residency training and other related academic lectures. Besides extending the lectures in the conference, two foreign experts offered the consultation for patients, discussed challenged cases, and also went to operation rooms to teach the surgical skills to residents. In the end, foreign experts gave high praise of young doctors’ professional ability and development of ophthalmology department.

Since the establishment of Lifeline Express Training Center in Lanzhou University Second hospital in 2008, the Center has been inviting some well-known experts at home and abroad to give lectures and exchange the latest academic knowledge in every year. By hosting events such as International Ophthalmology Conferences, the improvement of training center construction, the progress of prevention and treatment of blindness and to carry out the basic specialist-training model, the clinical level and scientific research ability of Ophthalmology Department has been greatly improved. Via the platform of Lifeline Express, the Center has gain benefits from the foreign experts’ professional support, and put forward higher requirements to our own work in the future.