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Experts from University of Minnesota to Visit LUSH

On September 27th, Mr. Lillehei, director of the Heart Center of the University Of Minnesota School of Medicine, and Prof. Samuel C. Dudley, Director of the Heart Institute, visited our hospital.


In the symposium, Prof. Yu Jing introduced development of Cardiology Department to Professor Dudley. Professor Dudley gave a lecture on How to Write and Publish English Paper and Diastolic Heart Failure. Subsequently, Professor Dudley gave a detailed answer to the lots of questions raised by young doctors.


After the meeting, Professor Dudley visited the Department of Cardiology, the Department of Cardioplegia and CCU, and took photos with the Department of Cardiology, medical staff.


It is reported that Professor Dudley is a member of the American College of Cardiology, a member of the American Society of Physicians, a member of the American Society of Clinical Research, and a member of the Board of Psychology. He specialized in diastolic heart failure and arrhythmia mechanism, arrhythmia drug intervention. 135 papers were published in the relevant fields, as well as 15 patents and new therapies. Professor Dudley was appointed as a visiting professor at Lanzhou University Second Hospital in 2010, meantime, he has a lot of support for the development of postgraduate doctoral training, young doctors training and academic exchange.